Support Organizations

9 to 5 Colorado

9to5 works to empower women and minorities. They have been helping MH residents organize, helped found CoCoMHO, and have been instrumental in getting legislation passed. Find out more about 9to5's housing support resources.

Colorado Homes For All

Colorado Homes For All  is a coalition of individuals and organizations working on housing justice and equity for all.

Lake Couty Build a Generation

LCBAG, in Leadville, CO, has also been working with CoCoMHO  from the beginning, helping CoCoMHO with its Fall Forums, community outreach, and our first grant.

Sustainable Community Development Clinic

The Sustainable Community Development Clinic in the CU Law School has been a valuable resource for researching helpful law and policy for MH residents.

Together Colorado

Together Colorado is a nonpartisan, multi-racial and multi-faith community organization working to place human dignity at the center of public life in Colorado. Helping MH residents is currently a priority project.