Zoning Reform and Structural Transition in Manufactured Housing Communities


This project explores options for zoning reform and structural transition of manufactured home communities by evaluating the process by which different key communities have undertaken structural transitions. This project compares and contrasts a wide variety of projects involving mobile home parks, aiming to provide insight on the best path through the process of annexation and redevelopment without displacing residents or destroying affordability. By examining precedents across the country over time, this report exposes potential merit of various fiscal and zoning structures, and proposes a possible solution to the questions of affordability, zoning, and redevelopment in mobile home communities moving forward. Staff: Paul Glasgow, Lyons City Planner; Christian Bellefeuille, CEDaR Intern; and others

Meet the Team

Christian Bellefeuille is a fourth year student of urban design and sustainable planning at CU Boulder. He is currently President of CU Student Government's Legislative Council, and works as a tech consultant and photographer on the side. Long term, he's planning on being deeply involved in both the design and political spheres, hopefully working as an urban designer before moving on to state or federal governance.