CEDaR Projects

Ponderosa Mobile Home Architecture Studio

During the spring of 2018, more than 40 CU Boulder students and faculty with varied expertise sought solutions for the preservation of Ponderosa Mobile Home Park as it transitioned to a more resilient model of affordable housing. 


Photo courtesy by Apartments.com

Trailer Wrap;

A Demonstration Retrofit in the Mapleton Community

More than 50 CU Boulder students and several faculty members transformed a 1965 trailer into an efficient living space. 


Post-Occupancy Assessment: the Trailer Wrap Retrofit Project

This project is an assessment of the community and householder experience of living in and with the Trailer Wrap Project - a model retrofit of a mobile home in the Mapleton community of Boulder. The Trailer Wrap project, completed in about 2010, was a demonstration organized by CYE/CEDaR and ENVD of the opportunity to create more expansive living spaces and use state-of-the-art energy efficiency methods and materials in a low-cost retrofit of an existing mobile home in the Mapleton Community. Participants: Kim Pardoe, Affordable Housing Consultant; Sarah Kitchen, CEDaR Intern; and others.

Zoning Reform and Structural Transition in Manufactured Housing Communities

By examining precedents across the country over time, this report exposes potential merit of various fiscal and zoning structures, and proposes a possible solution to the questions of affordability, zoning, and redevelopment in mobile home communities moving forward.


Inventory of Manufactured Housing Data in Colorado

The Inventory of Manufactured Housing Data Project consists of gathered data of which manufacturing housing are most in need of resources and assistance. 

Image by John Mark Jennings

more projects to come soon